divendres, 14 de juny de 2019


Hi families!!

This monday we made a video call to our Slovenian friends!!Connection was a little bit difficult and not very good but at least we did it!

 We were very excited and nervous. We prepared some questions about culture, to see the differences between Spain and Solvenia. We also prepared a dancing. Nadia and Estela, knew how to dance Sevillanas, so with the help of two volunteers, Biel and Ruben, they prepared a dancing. Our friends were amazed by the dancing, they liked it so much. They also danced a typical slovenian dance for us but we had some connection problems and we couldn't watch it.
At the end of the conversation we danced La Macarena for them! It is a very famous song all around the world and we wanted to show them.

We had a great time, we realised we can have a conversation with another person in English, unless connection doesn't work. Here you have some videos of these special moments.

Sevillanas dancing